What You Need To Know Before Installing Carpet

Lexmarks running line patterns and the custom patterns in the Design Gallery require more time and experience to install than other types of carpet. Make sure your installation company uses Professional Certified Installation crews, who are knowledgeable and experienced in the proper installation process.

Pad recommendation is for a minimum of 8 pounds. A thickness not to exceed 7/16 inch.

All warranties apply only to carpet installed according to current Carpet & Rug Institue installation procedures (Refer to CRI 104). Pattern matching cannot be successfully achieved with the direct glue down method. Direct glue down will void all warranties on this project.

It is extremely fundamental to konw that the pattern in these products are actually tufted into the carpet not printed on.

Cut or trim these products from the face or nap side only. This will enable a better match and seam.

The layout of the carpet should prevent the flow of light directly across seams. Seams should run the direction of the main traffic. They should not run perpendicular to doorways.

All Colortec carpets, due to the manufacturing process, are subject to some pattern run off when pattern matching. We do not guarantee exact pattern match.

All Colortec carpet is subject to industry tolerances for bow and skew of 1 1/2 percent.

As always, begin pattern matching in center of the drop. This divides the pattern elongation and makes for less work.

Seam Sealer is essential to prevent delamination and edge ravel (Refer to CRI 104).

Power stretch the material 1% to 1.5% in both the length and width. Maintain the pattern by use of the power stretcher.

Specifications are derived from averages resulting from normal manufacturing tolerances in yarn, fiber, temperature, and humidity, and may vary within normal industry tolerances. Performance is not affected by such variances. Variance may be up to seven percent, plus or minus. Quality control tests to accept or reject goods must be performed prior to cutting and installation.

We do not guarantee seamless installation.

No claims for out of tolerance material will be accepted after goods are cut or installed.

Pattern streaks and banding are visually apparent streaking in patterned carpet resulting from linear juxtaposition of pattern elements visible in both length and width direction. IT IS NOT A CARPET DEFECT, but is inherent in solution dyed graphic and cut/loop patterns. This characteristic which may be objectionable in long corridors and other large areas but not visible in small rooms.

Corridor installation must be done using long length drops not short width drops. This will eliminate excessive amounts of seams, pattern match and in some cases shading of seams.

All CRI Installation procedures must be followed during installation. All warranties apply only to carpet properly installed over manufacturing approved pad and installed according to current CRI Installation procedures, SEAM SEALER MUST BE USED. No delamination claims will be honored if these procedures are not followed (Refer to CRI 104 - Standard for Installation of Commercial Textile Floor Covering Materials).

Remember, a Certified Master Installer will have experience and equipment to install these products to your expectations and job satisfaction. If you don't have time to do it right, you surely don't have time to do it over.

*** Be Patient, Be Persistent, Be Professional ***